As a supplier of Dear Love we require manufacturers and suppliers (including authorised sub contractors, mills and trim sources to comply with the minimum standards of ethical and responsible behaviour as outlined below. We recognise that different cultures, legals and ethical systems may be in place where our products may be manufactured, however this Code of Conduct sets out the fundamental requirements that must be satisfied throughout the entire process.Dear Love holds ethical and responsible sourcing in high regard. We strive for transparency and hope that we have an open line of communication. This Code of Conduct outlines what is of importance to Dear Love and is in place to protect the workers rights and the environment and strengthen our supplier relationships and commitment to transparency.

  1. Employment is freely chosen.
  2. Ensure safe and hygienic working conditions.
  3. Minimum wage within their respective country must be met.
  4. Fair working hours within their respective county must be met.
  5. Workers must be treated fairly.
  6. Suppliers will conduct business in an honest, ethical and transparent way.