White Cara Short RobeWe are all about making small steps towards making a positive change towards the environment. Any big task is daunting, so we’re slowing and continually making small changes to get there.

Here’s what we’re passionate about at Dear Love HQ:

Don’t sweat it in Polyester

Dear Love focuses on creating garments from natural fibres. Our go to for our robes are linen and a viscose rayon blend. Polyester releases microfibres when washed, they are so small that they get washed into our waterways and unfortunately unlike natural fibres, they don’t break down.

Our pyjama sets are hand made in house from 100% Linen and 100% Cotton. Each set takes hours of love and care to produce and are made in small batches and made to order.

Small Beginnings

Help support small Australian businesses. Dear Love is a one woman show. We produce small runs so that we don’t create unnecessary waste and allows you, our customer to be unique!

Have more buy Less

In a world of ever changing fashion, it’s very easy to get caught up in buying something new and shiny. Dear Love focuses on creating timeless designs with quality construction and fabrics so that they will carry you through the years. Our slip dress can even be dressed up with heels for a night out or sneakers during the day.

Eco Friendly Packaging

Here at Dear Love HQ, we strive to be eco friendly. We use recycled paper for our day to day printing as well as the paper and tissue paper used for your orders. The shipping bag is made from biodegradable materials. And each Dear Love item is packaged in a reusable cotton bag. Take it to the beach to store your valuables or as a lingerie bag when travelling.

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